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Teenage posts

The more things they say the more true it becomes!! People azll around the world follow this posts, most of that people set some of the sentences as status for facebook, twitter and more!!!


what would we do without music???? Like of music HAS to be in your life


What would we do without them?? Comment if you like

Red Nose Day: Do something funny for money ;)

Red nose day is comming soon do you wanna do something that is fun to raise money and give to charity? wel go to the red nose day page you will find lots of ideas and you will save lots of money

The giant Nutella Story

Well, I love Nutella so maybe I’ll be posting a story about it. But it all depends on the likes that this gets like if I get something like 20 I’ll post it. So if you like it and you wanna read a wonderfull story about it, you already know what to do 🙂

Bazicly, Im sooo cool that ice cubs are jealous!